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We have a constantly revolving stock of quality refurbished iPhone and Android devices in stock. All go through an extensive quality check before ending up on our shelves, including all internal functions.

Unlike buying a phone in a rush off Facebook or Kijiji we check for the following issues before they are sold by our shop.

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If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, the options can be overwhelming – as can the price tags from your carrier for premium Apple and Samsung devices. Worse yet, with a smartphone technology race between the major manufacturers, it’s easy to feel that it might be worth holding onto your old device for one more year. Okotoks Cell Phone Repair certified pre-owned phones offer great value and the highest standards of reconditioning and refurbishment, giving you substantial savings together with the security of a 90-day warranty and rapid response customer support should things go

Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Smartphone with Okotoks Cell Phone Repair
If you’re ready to upgrade your smartphone without spending top dollar, Okotoks Cell Phone Repair offers a stock of the latest devices on the market. Our prices and post-sales customer service is focused on your satisfaction.
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  • WiFi signal strength
  • Bluetooth signal strength
  • Check LCD touch responsiveness, ensure no dead pixels
  • Check proximity sensor responsiveness
  • Front/rear camera & lens clarity
  • Check loudspeaker volume/clarity
  • Check microphone volume/clarity
  • Check volume up/down buttons for issues
  • Check vibrator functionality
  • Check sleep/wake button functionality.
  • Check home button / Touch ID Functionality
  • Check battery health – weak/bloated batteries are replaced and warrantied.
  • Check for signs of water damage